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airflow (6) Versions 1.0.1

Installs and configures Airflow workflow management platform.

cookbook 'airflow', '= 1.0.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'airflow', '= 1.0.1'
knife supermarket install airflow
knife supermarket download airflow
Quality 100%

Airflow Chef Cookbook

Installs and configures Airflow workflow management platform. More information about Airflow can be found here:

Supported Platforms

Ubuntu (Tested on ubuntu 14.04).
Planned to support Centos soon.


  • default - Installs and configures Airflow.
  • webserver - Configures service for webserver using upstart.
  • scheduler - Configures service for scheduler using upstart.


  • airflow - Used by the default recipe for installing and configuring Airflow.



User config
  • ["airflow"]["user"] - The user Airflow is executed with and owner of all related folders.
  • ["airflow"]["group"] - Airflow user group.
  • ["airflow"]["user_uid"] - Airflow user uid
  • ["airflow"]["group_gid"] - Airflow group gid
  • ["airflow"]["user_home_directory"] - Airflow user home directory.
  • ["airflow"]["shell"] - Airflow user shell.
General config
  • ["airflow"]["directories_mode"] - The permissions airflow and user directories are created.
  • ["airflow"]["config_file_mode"] - The permissions airflow.cfg is created.
  • ["airflow"]["log_path"] - Log files base directory.
  • ["airflow"]["run_path"] - Pid files base directory
Core config
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["airflow_home"] - Airflow home direcotory.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["dags_folder"] - Airflow dags directory.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["plugins_folder"] - Airflow plugins directory.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["sql_alchemy_conn"] - Sql Alchemy connection url.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["executor"] - Airflow executor.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["parallelism"] - Executoer maximum tasks in parallel.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["load_examples"] - wherther to load examples.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["core"]["fernet_key"] - Key for saving connections password in DB.
Webserver config
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["web_server_host"] - Webserver host in config.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["web_server_port"] - Webserver port in config.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["base_url"] - Webserver URL.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["secret_key"] - Secret flask key.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["expose_config"] - Whether expose config in webserver.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["authenticate"] - Whether to authentificate user on webserver.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["webserver"]["filter_by_owner"] - Filter dags by owner name.
Scheduler config
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["scheduler"]["job_heartbeat_sec"] - Seconds to listen for CLI kill signal.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["scheduler"]["scheduler_heartbeat_sec"] - How ofen scheuler runs to trigger new tasks.
Celery config
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["celery_app_name"] - Celery app name.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["celeryd_concurrency"] - Worker concurrent tasks.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["worker_log_server_port"] - Worker log webserver port.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["broker_url"] - Celery broker url.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["celery_result_backend"] - Celery backend URL.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["flower_port"] - Flower port.
  • ["airflow"]["config"]["celery"]["default_queue"] - The default queue to assignment and workers listening on.


  • ["airflow"]["service"]["webserver"]["hostname"] - The host name webserver service will be lunched with as argument.
  • ["airflow"]["service"]["webserver"]["port"] - The port name webserver service will be lunched with as argument.


  • ["airflow"]["service"]["scheduler"]["dags_folder"] - The dags folder path scheduler service will be lunched with as argument.


Please see kitchen.yml for examples.


Apache 2.0 (


Sergey Bahchissaraitsev

Dependent cookbooks

apt >= 0.0.0
python >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Airflow cookbook changelog


  • Some foodcritic fixes
  • README updated
  • Fixed some minor attributes issues and cosmetics


  • Initial release of airflow-cookbook

Foodcritic Metric

1.0.1 passed this metric