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shibboleth_sp (3) Versions 0.1.1

Install and configure Shibboleth SP

cookbook 'shibboleth_sp', '= 0.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'shibboleth_sp', '= 0.1.1'
knife supermarket install shibboleth_sp
knife supermarket download shibboleth_sp
Quality -%


Installs the Shibboleth SAML SP and Apache module



Tested and developed on CentOS


Requires an install of Apache that reads /etc/httpd/conf.d, like the one
that comes with most RedHat-like systems.


  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["entityid"] - The entityID to use for this SP. If
    set, entityid_domain is ignored.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["entityid_domain"] - The DNS domain name suffix to
    append to the system's hostname to generate an entityID. Ignored if
    entityid is set.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["idp_entityid"] - The entityID of the SAML IdP to
    authenticate to. WAYF is not yet supported.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["remote_metadata"] - A list of URLs from which to
    download and load metadata. If using HTTP URLs, you should also use
    metadata signature checking, which is not yet supported by this cookbook.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["local_metadata"] - A list of local files from
    which to load metadata. Each file listed here should be placed in

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["protected_paths"] - A list of absolute paths on
    the Apache server which should require Shibboleth authentication, each of
    which should end with a slash. Set this to / if you want the entire web
    server protected. Optional authentication is not yet supported.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["cert_file"] - The name of a PEM certificate file
    to be used by the SP. The file should be placed in files/default/. If this
    attribute is not set, a certificate will be automatically generated.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["cert_file"] - The name of a PEM private key file
    to be used by the SP. The file should be placed in files/default/. If this
    attribute is not set, a key will be automatically generated.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["user"] - The user that shibd runs as. Defaults
    to shibd.

  • node["shibboleth_sp"]["local_attribute_map"] - Set to true if you want
    to use a custom attribute-map.xml file. If you do, also place it in


Either set entityid_domain to your organization's domain name to
auto-generate entityIDs from server hostnames, or set entityid directly.

Set one or both of remote_metadata and local_metadata to load metadata
for your IdP.

Set idp_entityid to match your IdP.

Set protected_paths to include the paths you want to require

If you want to use an existing SSL certificate and private key, place them
in files/default/ and set cert_file and key_file with their names. This
is necessary if the SP will be spread across multiple load-balanced systems
using the same entityID.

Here is an example node configuration:

  "name": "shibboleth-sp",
  "run_list": [
  "override_attributes": {
    "shibboleth_sp": {
      "entityid_domain": "",
      "local_metadata": "idp-metadata.xml",
      "idp_entityid": "",
      "protected_paths": [ "/secure/" ],
      "local_attribute_map": true

License and Author

Author:: Elliot Kendall (

Copyright:: 2013, Regents of the University of California

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